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Puntala Camping Resort ****

Review: 3.7 (3)
Position: No. 77 of 192 in Tuscany

Address: Località Punta Ala
58040 Castiglione della Pescaia (Tuscany)

Area: Maremma
Setting: Sea

Phone: +39 0564 922294
Fax: +39 0564 920379

Internet: E-mail

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Review of Puntala Camping Resort

Average Overall Rating 3.7
Area 4.0 Site 4.0 Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 4.3 Service 3.3 Sanitary facilities 2.7
3 Reviews

stay at the campsite Puntala Resort

Review of Isabelle from Wallonia / Belgium, September 2009
Language of the review:
Travel date: July 2009
Age: 30-39 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Tent (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

Very nice campground, conveniently located near the beach is not very large and often crowded. What is surprising is that the Italians have a habit of planting the umbrella on the beach and leave it for any length of stay. Constant stream of very many vendors.
The camping plots are large and separated from adjacent plots by vegetation. It is a real plus because it provides some privacy and shade.
With any luck, we can cross many animals, which makes the happiness of children (rabbit, lizard, jay, fox ,...). For cons, the presence of many mosquitoes usually hungry :-)

The only snag is that it is forbidden to hang ropes from the trees to dry beach towels. When staying with family is a bit embarrassing.
The campsite is very quiet, because cars can not move about outside the arrivals and departures. It must therefore provide a bicycle to get around and for shopping. There are several stores (supermarket, bookstore, beach items, etc.) in the same camp but still more expensive than going to the supermarket nearby.
The campsite restaurant is very pleasant, the service is quick, staff smiling and prices are correct.
The only negative point: it is the health. They are not very clean although the cleaning staff everywhere. There are many toilet pedal off a strong smell with heat and only a few normal toilets.
A little research into the camp, there are ways to find blocks snaitaires less frequented. They are cleaner and without queuing.
The reception staff is not always very nice, not very organized but hey, let's be positive ... it is the holidays and this year they have met!
Overall 4.0

Area: 5.0
Site 5.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 5.0
Service 3.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0

Value for money: "good"

Particularly recommendable for "Families"

I award a prize as "Top nature holidays"

Do you generally like animation program? "I don't care"

Where do because the 4 * come from?

Review of Camper_1 from Bavaria / Germany, June 2007
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2007

The place was for us a very large Disappointments. The sanitary facilities have the same status as the opening in the year'69. The official buildings on the place (bar, MinMarkt, etc.) are in a little brown tones motivating. Places for tents, there are really only in the wood with the night entschprechendem Mückenaufkommen.Für extremely active birds and the dog in the neighborhood, the operator can, however, nothing. The course is only true nature lovers and campers to recommend that are not on the medical facilities - although clean, but completely outdated - sind.Sehr instructed the beach is beautiful and the beach bar and children's playgrounds. Unfortunately we could not enjoy that, because we totally zerstochen and were übernächtigt.
Overall 2.3

Area: 2.0
Site 2.0
Accommodation 2.0
Leisure 4.0
Service 2.0
Sanitary facilities 2.0

Beautiful and quiet

Review of Rainer from Bavaria / Germany, March 2007
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2006

The campsite was beautiful and we had a very relaxing holiday. For each bit is required. The driveway is littered with potholes. You should really be careful when driving because of bad weather is almost no pass.
Overall 4.8

Area: 5.0
Site 5.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 4.0
Service 5.0
Sanitary facilities 5.0

How was your holiday at Puntala Camping Resort?

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Last Update of Puntala Camping Resort: March 2012

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