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Nordseecamping Zum Seehund

Review: 4.1 (3)
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Position: No. 20 of 146 in Schleswig-Holstein

Address: Lundenbergweg 4
25813 Simonsberg (Schleswig-Holstein)

Area: Wadden Sea
Setting: Sea, Nature reserve

Phone: +49 (0)4841 3999
Fax: +49 (0)4841 65489

Internet: E-mail

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Review of Nordseecamping Zum Seehund

Average Overall Rating 4.1
Area 3.7 Site 4.0 Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 4.0 Service 4.0 Sanitary facilities 4.0
3 Reviews

Already several times spent there

Review of Customer from Hesse / Germany, June 2009
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

We have this place several times already visited our grandchildren, who have fast connection found. Finally even with childcare. The party with the (previously weg. rainy meadow) "mud Racetrack" has the kids particularly liked the minders had in any event, the convenient use showers.
About the film, we still laugh about today (not the shower, but the Cartbahnfahrer). The barrel, our granddaughter will be home to a feast again.
And a visit to Husum is always there. Last year, then times without grandchildren, we are driven wheel, for coffee or at sea.
In 2009, we returned to the "seal" to visit with grandchildren daughter. The is already looking forward to their holidays girlfriend when they returned ist.Hoffentlich does not ebb back to inopportunely (laugh), but in a small lake, you can even swim, if necessary later in the sauna to sweat properly.
Inge and Adolf floor.
Overall 4.2

Area: 4.0
Site 4.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 4.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

North Sea, Watt and Wellness

Review of Buster53 from North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany, June 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

Last week we return true to our most popular campground on the North Sea, camping in Seal Simonsberg directly near Husum. The camp is operated by the increasingly family-friendly Bertram, where you immediately feel at home. Every year you build on your campsite to something new, with noble materials are used, such as stainless steel and high-quality timber in the sanitary and wellness area, with beautiful stone-based roads with suitable lighting fixtures, comfort seats so the man can really enjoy. Enjoy is here with beautiful weather of course, a hike from the campsite over the dike into watts. The beautiful in this region in watts Simonsberg is that man does not get stuck in the mud but can run normally. Even barefoot is good to run, because the shells are mostly in the field of Lahnungen are. Clearly this man can also endlessly wander through the dikes, with a view of the wide Watt, Husumer posts and the North Sea. The dreams and beautiful thoughts come by themselves and as the wind blows the rest of the work or else the stress in a short time away. The wheel should not be missing, because man in 20 minutes by bike in Husum, where always something going on. This time it was the convivial Matjes days and we have gestaunt how many offers there are. On the way back to the campsite, we are on the beautiful and breathtaking silent dikes in the vicinity of the camp there. The beautiful of driving on the dike, the wide views from the top, where the deer and other animals much better in Reht, pastures and grain fields can be seen. Should there be times a Schlechtwettertag, there is still the Wellnessberiech of Campingpatz. It is quite unique for a sauna or steam bath on the rooftop the salty wind from the North Sea Watt directly through the skin and hair feel. For the food then there is a nice snack at the campsite and when there is something finer to be running it (10 min) to near the campsite located hotel restaurant. Every time when we are at the campsite we eat there in the rustic atmosphere filled Nordfriesisches (with smoked eel, fresh crabs, and much more) plaice. Fish lovers must have eaten here times. Yes, I could write more but everyone should experience it yourself. We remain in any event at least once per year for Bertram family, no matter where we still go there with our caravan.
Overall 5.0

Area: 5.0
Site 5.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 5.0
Service 5.0
Sanitary facilities 5.0

Particularly recommendable for "Families"

Nothing more for children

Review of Customer from Baden-Württemberg / Germany, July 2007
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2006

Previously, this camp was simply equipped, quite clean and above all very cheap. It was for me the absolute price tip, especially for families with children, and accordingly there was also a relatively large amount los.Im 2006, then changed the owner and there were extensive renovations carried out. Among other things, a new wash house with sauna and fitness room were built, which is really very beautiful and comfortable copies in 2006 prices were around 30-40% increase, which has led many permanent campers left and hardly any families with children present were. My children are bored in any event, almost to death. Added to this was in the year surely even the bad weather in August.Nachdem I am now back in the pricelist compatriots, I have found that once again a significant price increase was implemented. The price for a family (2Erw., 2Ki, electricity) rose from 14.50 EUR in 2004 to now 28 per day / Nacht.Für seniors, the best place now, since probably barely get families and it accordingly dürfte.Ich will be quiet in any case with my children no longer come here because it is now simply too expensive.
Overall 3.2

Area: 2.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 3.0
Service 3.0
Sanitary facilities 3.0

Particularly recommendable for "Seniors"

How was your holiday at Nordseecamping Zum Seehund?

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Last Update of Nordseecamping Zum Seehund: December 2014

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