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Campingplatz Rurthal

Review: 3.3 (2)
Position: No. 95 of 109 in North Rhine-Westphalia

Address: St. Georgstr. 99
52396 Heimbach (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Area: Rur Dam
Setting: Lake, River

Phone: +49 (0)2446 3377
Fax: +49 (0)2446 911126

Internet: E-mail
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Review of Campingplatz Rurthal

Average Overall Rating 3.3
Area 4.5 Site 2.5 Accommodation 3.5
Leisure 2.5 Service 2.5 Sanitary facilities 4.0
2 Reviews

super camping platz

Review of kai from North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany, June 2011
Language of the review:
Travel date: June 2011
Age: 20-29 years
Length of stay: Long-term camper / guest
Type of accommodation: Caravan (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

ichnbin da dauer camper ich bin 20 und sehr zufreden ville jungeliche kein müll sondern sehr geflegt gefält mir da

Excursion tips: ander ruhr oder ein dorf weiter im freizeitbad

Overall 3.8

Area: 5.0
Site 4.0
Accommodation 3.0
Leisure 4.0
Service 3.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Value for money: "good"

Particularly recommendable for "Young person"

I award a prize as "My favorite place"

Do you generally like animation program? "Yes for children and adults"

Camping Rurthal of Abercron

Review of Werner from North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany, April 2011
Language of the review:
Travel date: April 2011
Age: 40-49 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Caravan (personal)
Booking: Campsite/Tourist Resort

Very nicely located place, surrounded by nature, but for families totally inappropriate. From morning until late at night just loud techno music. There are''fire''made under bone dry trees (which, after the court order immediately to the police as a nature reserve) so that you uneasy because of the fire danger is asleep. Responding to complaints, the operator does not, but put off an only. A court order exists, but is ignored completely. Urinate where you stand and is seems to be common, very appetizing when the little one at the breakfast table sits. An annoyance are the hidden costs that are not listed on the site. (1 € showers, sinks a €!, Bring your own toilet paper, etc). In addition, the dumpsters are only briefly available on the day.
Actually, an idyllic place, but for families wholly inappropriate, but more of a youth camp with all the freedom, where the waste can be disposed of anywhere.
Overall 2.7

Area: 4.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 2.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Value for money: "average"

Particularly recommendable for "Young person"

Do you generally like animation program? "No for children and adults"

How was your holiday at Campingplatz Rurthal?

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Climate Heimbach

Max. Temperature
Min. Temperature [°C]
Sunshine hours [h/d]

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Max °C
Min °C
2 3 4 5 6 6 6 6 5 3 2 2


camping, nationalpark eifel

Last Update of Campingplatz Rurthal: January 2012

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