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Campsites Santa Cristina d'Aro

Yelloh! Village Mas Sant Josep (Cat.1)

Review: 3.5 (1)
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Position: No. 17 of 219 in Catalonia

Address: Ctra Santa Cristina, Km.2
17246 Santa Cristina d'Aro (Catalonia)

Area: Costa Brava
Setting: Sea

Phone: +34 (0)972 83 51 08
Fax: +34 (0)972 83 70 18

Internet: E-mail
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Review of Yelloh! Village Mas Sant Josep

Average Overall Rating 3.5
Area 5.0 Site 3.0 Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 3.0 Service 3.0 Sanitary facilities 3.0
1 Review

You could make more of it ...- convenient location!

Review of chrpde from Bavaria / Germany, September 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

The location of the place ...
(about 4 km away from the sea) is very conveniently located around the middle part of the Costa Brava has to offer. However, this is a car is essential. The surrounding towns offer everything from Night Live to introspective about culture, shopping and water park, sailing, diving etc. .. (each as it may!)
plant is very large and actually offers the best conditions for them there in the plant restful and varied experience days. The campsites and bungalow plots are very generous, the most shade in a forest. The sanitary facilities, I can not judge (Bungalow-tenant), but overall is a lot of personal effort for a lot of cleanliness and security guaranteed! In the reception there is a multilingual, friendly staff. Nominal
there is everything you could wish for a 5 star campsite could wish for:
lot of space, with a centrally located, very nice pool (I mean really just the pool!), restaurant, bar, souvenir shop, supermarket, Internet room, WiFi, indoor vending machines, pool etc, playground, volleyball court, ... and even an extra, the camping club affiliated with an additional small pool and usually offer additional pay such as tennis, minigolf, sauna, yacuzzi, etc. .. BUT
: (and this leads to my devaluation)
1 The plant is boring rectangle in the pattern throughout, almost level terrain is created, even the trees are in rank and planted!
2nd The beauty of this really nice and clean, great pool ends literally on the edge of Beck: The "lying" around 80% consists of washing and something concrete lawn (after a hot summer with drought quite dry out!)
There is in this no single area chair, bench, let alone a chair and have no umbrellas or other shade (not too ... rent ...)! It is also not allowed to own furniture, if any, in the pool area to tow! The remaining 4-5 palms in the pool area than shade, hardly used, two of which are also in on the chic and praised, but otherwise useless
, pool island! To wash the concrete landscape some of the adjacent event hall / restaurant will be separated in rank and a few individual boxes with red seed probably some evergreen shrubs around.
3rd If you look in the pool area plenty of bruises on the washing concrete fetched, think about trying to get in the adjoining bar / restaurant with a drink or more on cheap plastic furniture to recover. About the restaurants where we can say almost nothing, since except for a couple of cappuccino and deadweight than 4 pizzas was not used. The ambience is not very inviting, especially the leisure part of the adjacent building in which a gym-like hall with a little plastic furniture and a stage for evening entertainment and kids disco excuse, and one more "station" the usual shooter machines, a few billiards and foosball tables and houses!
In all these locations for me the charm of a ...- youth from the seventies, (-where-do not want to say).
4th The supermarket is clean, functional, rectangular, the offer is ok The atmosphere as in 2)!
5 The adjacent "Sportpark" was not used by us, to play tennis or football under scorching sun on a hard court, there was no need, but also the mini golf course made from the outside although clinically clean, but too concrete, shadow-free, less inviting impression.
... We had
ACCOMMODATION Accommodation (Bungalow) posted on Vacansoleil (family with 2 children)
Very Positive:
The Bungalow (Yelloh!) was very new, clean, modern and spacious , linen was; equipped with microwave and TV, (but only Spanish programs!)
posting was arbitrary on / departure dates available, prices in the season from 29 August very cheap!
1) The existing cookware (pots) is not worth much, (well trifle ..), but;
2) The existing garden furniture does not match the standard of the relatively "luxurious" large mobile homes: There were 6 plastic chairs and a small round table for four almost too small! NO
loungers; NOT least adjustable high Lehner! This was particularly annoying, because even at the pool do not have furniture!
We had therefore to Siesta bedroom retreat into .....
(if you do not like on wood or concrete floor!)
For a more intimate dinner or outdoors on the terrace had one in the bungalow inside existing large dining table with patio table exchange.
For people who are in a spot longer want to stay and sometimes several days at the plant want to relax, tend not empfehlenswert!
incomprehensible why Vacansoleil here 5 Stars awards?
season is fairly abrupt end (around 11-14. Sept), then offense. only a weekend operation by local time campers.
Already in the field from 29 August was also quite empty; foreign. Visitors primarily from NL; few from D (Bay. / BW) and F; many on weekend time campers from E
Overall 3.5

Area: 5.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 3.0
Service 3.0
Sanitary facilities 3.0

How was your holiday at Yelloh! Village Mas Sant Josep?

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Last Update of Yelloh! Village Mas Sant Josep: August 2014

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