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Sund-Camp Altefähr

Review: 3.7 (4)
Position: No. 46 of 107 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Address: Am Kurpark 1
18573 Altefähr (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

Area: Rügen (island)
Setting: Sea

Phone: +49 (0)38306 75483
Fax: +49 (0) 38306 60306

Internet: E-mail
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Review of Sund-Camp Altefähr

Average Overall Rating 3.7
Area 4.3 Site 3.3 Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 3.3 Service 3.8 Sanitary facilities 3.5
4 Reviews

Urlaub Altefähr

Review of Simone from Saxony / Germany, August 2012
Language of the review:
Travel date: July 2012
Age: 40-49 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Summer cottage
Booking: Suncamp

Waren vom 21.07.2012 bis 27.07.2012 auf Altefähr,waren mit der Unterkunft sehr zufrieden sehr sauber und ordentlich der Platz war gut zum Erholen,aber zum baden nicht geeignet sind 3 Km nach Devin gefahren dort konnte mann schön baden.
Der Imbiß auf dem Platz ist sehr zu Empfehlen das Essen schmeckt sehr lecker.
Fam.Wunsch aus Dresden.

Excursion tips: Stralsund,Ostseebad Binz ,Rügen

Overall 3.8

Area: 4.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 3.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Value for money: "good"

Particularly recommendable for "Seniors"

I award a prize as "Top nature holidays"

Do you generally like animation program? "Yes for children and adults"

Spring Holiday

Review of riki30 from Germany, May 2011
Language of the review:
Travel date: May 2011
Age: 60-69 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Caravan (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

Camping operator and staff very friendly and helpful. Can some shortcomings described as how to get water from the showers, had not understand was not declared. The shower facilities are almost at all places the same, perhaps it is here for beginners.
We come to this place for many years and will come back

Excursion tips: Insel Hiddensee, Prora, Sassnitz, SellinRichard

Overall 4.5

Area: 5.0
Site 4.0
Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 5.0
Service 5.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Value for money: "good"

Particularly recommendable for "Families"

I award a prize as "Top nature holidays"

Do you generally like animation program? "I don't care"

Price OK

Review of Britta from Lower Saxony / Germany, September 2010
Language of the review:
Travel date: July 2010
Age: 30-39 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Caravan (personal)
Booking: Campsite/Tourist Resort

A better used for DCC members Platz.Die operator family was very hard. Caravan and awning with the pitch was almost saturated. Parking near vorhanden.Ein was very high marks to the A cleaning power that has always managed to clean the Sani-building not attached halten.Hauptweg, so very staubig.Platz directly at the forest and a great climbing directly nebenan.Altefähr a beautiful little town with some restaurants on Hafen.Einen "beach" was sought in vain. was near the harbor basin, there are some stairs in the Sound, where ankle-deep in alluvial stand.Auch algae the water was not so toll.Also we drove almost daily across the island to swim in the Baltic Sea. (In the season no real pleasure ) The place is ideal, however, in order to Stralsund erkunden.Auch there is much to see.
So, to explore on and around Rügen ideal
for "family beach holiday" to be recommended.
Overall 3.2

Area: 4.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 3.0
Leisure 2.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 3.0

Short breaks in the sound-Camp Altefär

Review of Ladygunde from Saxony / Germany, July 2010
Language of the review:
Travel date: July 2010
Age: 40-49 years
Length of stay: 4-7 Days
Type of accommodation: Caravan (personal)
Booking: Campsite/Tourist Resort

This camp is for a short stay well-suited to a longer stay is not recommended. Just not with small children and babies. No options are available to bathe small children to take a shower without a baby. The sanitary facilities are unacceptable for adults, not just for babies and even less for babies. I have to book the place pointed out that we will come up with a baby and a toddler. Everything was okay. The staff has not advised us that there are not a protected place for the extra o. bathe the children o. is at least they would have us to point out that the sanitary facilities for bathing the baby, are not suitable. It is not so, which one is sensitive. We all know that camping is simple and solid. Man bathes a child even once on the field what we have done, if the weather which has been amended accordingly. But if you must looking at wind covered areas between the sanitation facilities, and the child to bathe there, listening and then by the staff must, by what they had to do for us after all dirt off, then I do not know where more here kindness and decency has remained with its clients, especially as I have tried these staff to show how to obtain the showers are a baby to swim in it (too small, very poor ventilation, without the leave open the door and window is the Report a shower, it creates a draft, the rooms are very dirty, the splash is running poorly, you have to own the floor clean with a rubber mop). This waved it off and threatened us with it when it is not past us, we might as well leave the place. We are already years campers. But what we had to do there, we have experienced so far in any other camp. Not even on a foreign camp. There, the sanitary facilities are sometimes even easier to create, but the staff is dealing with the customers much more friendly and cleaner than the facility at this place. Also I have missed the briefing for this place. We had to get out alone, where there is a charge to the place where you can buy food, where the sanitary facilities are and how to get to the beach. The reception is rare. The service leaves something to be desired.
The business seems to be going so well that the staff can make the above remarks. Maybe the people reading this review and think about it sometimes. For me there is this place at least not more, although the location is very nice and you can do many things. However, there are pleas to other campsites.

Excursion tips: Strahlsund, Störtebeckers Festspiele,nördl.Badestrände

Overall 2.3

Area: 4.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 2.0
Leisure 2.0
Service 1.0
Sanitary facilities 2.0

Value for money: "average"

Particularly recommendable for "Seniors"

Do you generally like animation program? "Yes for children, No for adults"

How was your holiday at Sund-Camp Altefähr?

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Humidity: 75 %
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Last Update of Sund-Camp Altefähr: January 2012

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