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Pian dei Boschi ***

Review: 1 (1)
Position: No. 47 of 77 in Liguria

Address: Via Ponti 1
17027 Pietra Ligure (Liguria)

Area: Italian Riviera
Setting: Sea, Easy access to main routes

Phone: +39 019 625425
Fax: +39 019 625425

Internet: E-mail

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Review of Pian dei Boschi

Average Overall Rating 1.0
Area 1.0 Site 1.0 Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0 Service 1.0 Sanitary facilities 1.0
1 Review

unhygienic Abzocke

Review of Customer from Zurich / Switzerland, August 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

Hello Dear Friends Camping
I was with my family in August 2008 in "Pian dei Boschi" camp. My wife, my 3 year old daughter, the 5 kilo dog and me.
I advise all campers from there to go. Here are the reasons:
- The staff are very unfreunlich. We should absolutely apologize if you have a question, otherwise you will get very angry viewed.
- For a 3 minute shower demand for 90 cents. If you're lucky, is also lukewarm water.
- On Swimmingpoolist Badekappenpflicht .. but not because of hygiene but also to ensure that every guests a bathing cap for 2.50 Euro to be sold. The basket is located right beside the cashier.
- The local guests will be obvious preferred.
- The hygiene of the toilets is terrible. It is only with water abgespühlt and it stinks terribly.
- Plumpskloss to the toilets, I would have men in an EU country are no longer expected.
- Dogs are not allowed near the pool, but you can smoke at the swimming pool. One must also not the dog in front of the swimming pool tether ... Conclusion: We must pay for dogs but they are extremely undesirable.
- You should not drink at the pool take ... When the heat?
- One must from 13:30 clock to 15:00 clock the campsite by car, do not leave. That's against every law. I can but as a free man with my car at any time to go where I want!
- The sites are very small and very close together ... MASS CLEARANCE.
- The tents are wrong, and dusty. It takes hardly any herring inside.
- The very nearby motorway provides Sclaflose nights.
- The evening entertainment is terrible. A retired Karakokelieder sings like Oh Sole mio and so on. And the sow until after midnight. Not exactly relaxing for a 3-year-old child.
- The playground is too small. Ledglich two rocks. BUT .... There are 4 has mechanical horse in which you can put 50 cents.
- For the Freezing a velangen ice for 75 cents.
- A day Internet costs 5 euro! But the reception at the campground is insufficient. Man must be in the bar to sit for 5 euros per day to be able to surf.
- The shop is puny!
At our departure, we were already packing with 14:55 to go and wanted to finish. When I politely asked the reception whether the barrier is 5 Minten could open earlier, I was downright shit together. I must observe the rules, the gate will open at 15:00 clock. When I was loud and on my right as a free man MUST GO ON WHEN I WANT insisted, was the whole family off on me. Even einhiemische guests wanted me verpügeln. And because of 5 minutes. When they told me the gate finally opened (15:02 clock) suggested to me that the owners of the camp's still on the car. My 3 year old daughter is very frightened.
TREATED man so paying guests?
I advise all campers on the campground in the world to avoid them. It was just terrible.
Overall 1.0

Area: 1.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 1.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0

How was your holiday at Pian dei Boschi?

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Last Update of Pian dei Boschi: January 2012

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