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Mobile home, 5 Bed(s)
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Camping Marino **

Review: 2.9 (4)
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Position: No. 9 of 77 in Liguria

Address: Via Angiolo Silvio Novaro, 15
18013 Diano Marina (Liguria)

Area: Italian Riviera
Setting: Sea, Easy access to main routes

Phone: +39 0183 498288
Fax: +39 0183 494680

Internet: E-mail

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Review of Camping Marino

Average Overall Rating 2.9
Area 3.3 Site 3.0 Accommodation 3.0
Leisure 2.3 Service 3.3 Sanitary facilities 2.8
4 Reviews


Review of harald from Vorarlberg / Austria, August 2010
Language of the review:
Travel date: July 2010
Age: 40-49 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Mobile home (rental)
Booking: Campsite/Tourist Resort

The campsite was very nice and clean.
Our Mobilhom was unfortunately very old and worn, uneven, and the forecourt of the shower, it smelled of sewage. The path to the beach was difficult, train and road in between. There was only a small bay for free use. Supermarkets were poorly written.

Excursion tips: san remo

Overall 2.5

Area: 4.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 2.0

Value for money: "bad"

Do you generally like animation program? "Yes for children, No for adults"

Camping Marino

Review of Mareike und Olaf from Bremen / Germany, July 2010
Language of the review:
Travel date: May 2010
Age: 30-39 years
Length of stay: 8-14 Days
Type of accommodation: Camper (personal)
Booking: Campsite/Tourist Resort

We were two weeks in May at the campsite in Diano Marina Marino. The place itself was clean, the staff always friendly, showers and toilets were fine, the volume is not suitable for rest. Nevertheless, deterred us the beach to reach it is not easy, you had over on a busy road and railroad tracks, there are no pedestrian-crossings. The beach and pool is expensive because of the rent for lying, etc., you just have to add is that if one of the beach and pool use möchte.Das center, however, is a nice change and worth seeing.

Excursion tips: stadtzentrum

Overall 3.3

Area: 3.0
Site 4.0
Accommodation 3.0
Leisure 2.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Value for money: "bad"

Particularly recommendable for "Singles"

I award a prize as "Top long-term stay"

Do you generally like animation program? "No for children and adults"

Beautiful facility

Review of Customer from Zurich / Switzerland, September 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

We were the second week in September in the camping Marino. 4 adults and 1 child. The facility is very cozy and clean. The swimming pool of a dream. The campers are places us among the most well durftenden trees. The campsite is approximately 5 minutes from the sea. The only drawback is the crossing the train tracks. At our place we had no Zuglärm. Most campers are regulars. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We had really liked it.
Overall 4.2

Area: 5.0
Site 4.0
Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 4.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Particularly recommendable for "Families"

Camping Marino

Review of Customer from Switzerland, August 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

This campground is very loud. Train and road are very audible. In order to get to the beach, you have a busy road crossing. It has no foot patrols and more dangerous for children. The facility is otherwise very clean. The seats are very small. Very disturbing was the stench of sewage, the permanent in the air.
Overall 1.7

Area: 1.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 4.0
Leisure 2.0
Service 1.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0

How was your holiday at Camping Marino?

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cloudless cloudless Pressure: 1006 hPa
Humidity: 66 %
Current: 8º C Wind: west
Maximum: 15º C Wind force: Light breeze,
7 km/h
Minimum: 2º C

Climate Diano Marina

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Min. Temperature
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Max °C
Min °C
Water °C
5 6 7 8 9101110 8 7 5 5


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Last Update of Camping Marino: January 2012

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