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Camping Maximum ***

Camping Maximum
Review: 2.6 (7)
Position: No. 16 of 56 in Emilia-Romagna

Address: Viale Principe di Piemonte 57
47924 Miramare (Emilia-Romagna)

Area: Adriatic Sea
Setting: Sea, Easy access to main routes, City

Phone: +39 0541 372602
Fax: +39 0541 370271

Internet: E-mail
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Review of Camping Maximum

Average Overall Rating 2.6
Area 3.7 Site 2.4 Accommodation 2.3
Leisure 2.3 Service 2.5 Sanitary facilities 2.2
7 Reviews

sehr sauber!

Review of Alfred from Rhineland-Palatinate / Germany, December 2013
Language of the review:
Travel date: June 2013
Age: 20-29 years
Length of stay: 4-7 Days
Type of accommodation: Camper (personal)
Booking: Go4Camp

Nur zu empfehlen! Die sanitären Anlagen wurden überholt und sind sehr sauber. Keine Bahnschiene und der Flughafen wurde geschlossen.
Nur zu empfehlen!

Excursion tips: Sanitäre Anlagen

Overall 4.7

Area: 5.0
Site 5.0
Accommodation 5.0
Leisure 5.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 4.0

Value for money: "very good"

Particularly recommendable for "Couple"

I award a prize as "Top nature holidays"

Katastrophal - Wie im Flüchtlingslager

Review of Bro from Bavaria / Germany, August 2012
Language of the review:
Travel date: August 2012
Age: 20-29 years
Length of stay: 1-3 Days
Type of accommodation: Tent (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

Hallo Zusammen,
falls Ihr euch fragt ob dies ein guter Ort ist um ein paar entspannte Tage am Meer zu verbringen - vergesste es!
Ich bin mit meinem Kumpel (beide 27) in der Ferragosto Woche dort angekommen.
Wir sind Lärm gewohnt und wussten das es da recht zu geht wollten auch Partyurlaub, aber was wir da erlebt haben war einfach unter alle Kanone.

Wir wurden am hintersten Rand des CP zu den anderen deutschen platziert Luftlinie zu den Bahngleisen ca. 10 - 15 METER!!! Der Zug geht die ganze Nacht im 30 min Takt und ist so laut das der Boden vibriert. Dort zu schlafen war selbst für nen Shaffner unmöglich!!! Die ganz lustigen Zugführer haben mitten in der Nacht noch ihr Horn ausgepackt. Um uns rum waren nur Vollassis und ich sprech nicht von ein paar augeflippten feiertwütigen abgefüllten Jugendlichen sondern von richtigem Gschwerl wie man in Bayern sagt. Der slebsternannte DJ vom Nachbastellplatz hat die ganze Nacht Electro aufgelegt aber die kaputte und fertige Sorte. So laut das es noch Zug übertönt hat. Nach ca. 15 min Schlaf sind wir zu den toiletten, auf dem Weg dahin kommt man an Schnappsleichen vorbei die mitten auf dem Weg liegen un es wohl nicht mehr zum Zelt geschafft haben. Die Toiletten waren einfach nur krass und ich meine das jetzt nicht aus so einer verklemmten Tussisicht sondern, eher wie jemand der Rastätten toiltten reinigt. Nach der Sichtung der Waschhäuser haben zusammengpackt und sind 10 km die Küstenstrasse runter zu Camping Fontanlle was 1000% besser war. Auf dieser Strasse gibt es viele weitere CPs die sicherlich nicht an einen 3.Welt Ort erinnen....

Excursion tips: Strand

Overall 1.7

Area: 4.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 2.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0

Value for money: "very bad"

Particularly recommendable for "Young person"

Do you generally like animation program? "I don't care"

A bad plan!

Review of carolyn from Rhône-Alpes / France, September 2010
Language of the review:
Travel date: July 2010
Age: 30-39 years
Length of stay: 1-3 Days
Type of accommodation: Camper (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

Camping location that seems great but very small, very noisy train, aircraft, traffic and noise of the city. It does not take more than 2 days! and that with the comfort of our motorhome, I can not imagine a tent! Home not nice, they really profiting from their location at the entrance of the city. I do not recommend it!
Too expensive for what it is!
Overall 1.7

Area: 2.0
Site 2.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 2.0
Sanitary facilities 2.0

Value for money: "bad"

Do you generally like animation program? "No for children and adults"

Pure Party

Review of M.S. from Bavaria / Germany, January 2010
Language of the review:
Travel date: August 2009
Age: 14-19 years
Length of stay: 4-7 Days
Type of accommodation: Camper (personal)
Booking: Campsite/Tourist Resort

The camp is for people who are looking for a holiday party full of just the right thing.
The youth part of the camp is full of nice young people with whom one quickly comes into contact and grill together, go to the beach, or to celebrate.
The location of the campsite is very good. One only has to go across the street and soon you'll find on the beach. In addition, there is a bus stop right outside the entrance. Thus, it is also the clubs to which you need to walk about 45 minutes otherwise would reach 5-10 min. The AltroMondo (which I think is the best disco in Rimini) minute walk to a 5-10.
I found the service very good. We were initially a little problem with our current mobile home, however, has helped us immediately by an operator.
In order to make ourselves ready for the evening, we have always gone to the toilets at the "grown-up compartment, as it contains much less was going on and the showers, etc. were a bit better. Overall, I found the toilets in order.
The only thing there was something disgusting, were the dish sink.
For a quiet, relaxing holiday with family or as a couple of camping is recommended in any case, since most people tend to party out, and it is therefore due to the adjacent railway line and not a quiet campground. From the nearby airport, we have not noticed anything, since only a few planes land (from Germany one per week) and especially not at night.

Excursion tips: Altromondo, Carnaby, Life

Overall 3.3

Area: 4.0
Site 3.0
Accommodation 3.0
Leisure 3.0
Service 4.0
Sanitary facilities 3.0

Value for money: "good"

Particularly recommendable for "Young person"

I award a prize as "My favorite place"

Do you generally like animation program? "Yes for children, No for adults"

just loud!

Review of DaWahnsinn from Bavaria / Germany, June 2009
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2009

The location right on the main street, the proximity to the railway and the very nearby airport make this an ideal camping destination for fans louder infrastructure! The "quiet" singing, the morning homecoming drunks do you rest for a relaxing holiday. For leisure sauf-perfect, all the time even want to sleep, I can not recommend the place
Overall 1.3

Area: 3.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 1.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0

Particularly recommendable for "Young person"

From the German standard far

Review of Customer from Bavaria / Germany, August 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

As the title suggests, the German standard far away!
In detail:
- Very dirty toilets, showers or toilets if!
For the toilets, it is important with your own toilet paper to bring. (HINT: buy it in Germany, first, much cheaper, and secondly, the Italian very thin!). In addition, the toilets have no toilet-glasses ( "Who is hinsetzt is always your own fault"). When the showers you have to take what you get, which is really to be understood, namely, the begins already in the water, which you do not even individually can!
- The basin in which the dishes were rinsed, I could not use it. Here was the disgust on my part is too great, because I do not feel comfortable eating the leftovers of the previous flushing dodge them. Especially since I also believe that with cold water can not wash, at least not his dish gets clean 1A (right: only cold water ")
- The supermarket on the campsite you can not really describe as a supermarket. A small 5x3 meter room with a few little things to buy overpriced! Even the nearby supermarkets are relatively expensive and offer little choice. Here it is really only a few meters with the car to drive!
- The restaurant / bar, whatever, so we have never stopped there after I am 2nd days already have seen the kitchen!
- If you have a vacation camp on this plant, should be quickly desist from this idea.
Peace in the sense there will not exist! Particularly Rimini anyway totally overcrowded by people, mostly young people who only want to party, there is the camp directly on a main road, you also must cross when one wants to the beach! (Buses, not a few, take a 24-hour by!)
Not too far away is also a railway station that is also very good to hear, like the airport, however, about 2km away!
So people, you consider it good, I had to howl when I've seen everything! I knew what it is with Rimini on him because of party, etc. and I also to a different standard than we are set, but I would not have expected ........
Overall 1.3

Area: 2.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 2.0
Service 1.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0


Review of Gofish72 from Lombardy / Italy, July 2008
Language of the review:
Review is based on the year: 2008

I was in this camp in June 2008 and advise that is ten meters away from railway and with trains passing at all hours of day and night with unbearable noise. E 'next to a noisy road. The toilets are so many (there is no queue), but old decrepit and dirty. The staff is very slow. Also in the party for the curtains feel smell of garbage that comes from outside the camp.
The only good thing is that it is close to the beach.
Overall 1.3

Area: 3.0
Site 1.0
Accommodation 1.0
Leisure 1.0
Service 1.0
Sanitary facilities 1.0

How was your holiday at Camping Maximum?

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